cut to fit 2008

Art portfolio- my work

cut to fit - breech

These images form part of my first solo show at the KKNK (2008)

cast pearls before swine

sink or sew

fitting room

belly button

I found the following passage in the book: Mccalls sewing in colour. p1

” Like the beauty of a work of art which is dependent upon an artist’s ability to create pleasing line, composition and colour.  However, in the case of fashion design, you are the canvas; and you are a great deal more complex than a flat cloth surface.

My aim is to uncover or recover, to smooth all out in dressmaking  pattern paper, to give it coherence it would not otherwise possess.

I read somewhere that it is the Victorians, pattern-makers and order-givers extraordinary, who are fervent in the religion of art as consolation.

I want to collect details, look for a pattern, and organize.  To make sense out of the senseless.  Puzzle together bits of everything. Shuffle, cut and reorganize.  Collage, montage, assemblage.  The viewer controls the view.  We see what we want.  We see how we want.  We only see ourselves.  All I can do is give you something to look at.

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