cutting edge 2004

Art portfolio- my work

hooks and eyesblade with tape




This exhibition was held at Knysna Fine Art.

What is this series about?

Is it about eroticism? No, its not tender enough.

Is it about cruelty? Maybe, but its not nasty enough.

Is it about pain and beauty? Almost, but its not fashionable enough.

“In women dressed and adorned, nature is present but under restraint”

-Simone de Beauvoir-

I found these wonderful, round, rusted sawblades at a scrapyard.  Discarded tools to violate nature.  Steel is closely associated with the male realm.  I longed to change the perception of these hare “male” blades to a softer feminine image by covering them with dressmaking pattern paper which I found at a charity shop.  Pattern paper comes from a world of women.  This pattern paper represents skin and scar tissue.

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