Siembamba (let’s play pretend) 2004

Art portfolio- my work

This was my first solo exhibition.  It was held at the Joao Ferreria Gallery in Cape Town.

In this exhibition my work seeks to represent my emotional and psychological feelings resulting from toys/dolls.  Every child is born with a natural instinct to play and little girls are born with a natural instinct towards motherhood.  Since I am in my childbearing years, I try to redefine the nostalgic, idealistic longing I had with dolls.  For a little girl the everyday actions of dressing, feeding or to do the hair of a doll is the perfect occasion to prepare for her role as a mother.

Whether luxury objects or simple children toys, dolls have evolved to embody aesthetic ideals.  My aim is to reconstruct dolls, trying to remove them from a craft background and also disrupt the emotional impact they might have on an adult.  By using dolls I try to trace the quiet happiness typical of childhood play, asking myself the question:  “Would we be different if our toys were different?”

Here follow some more pictures of the Miss….series:










and the “let’s play pretend series”:

See a review: here

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