Art portfolio- my work

At the KKNK (Klein Karoo Art Festival) there was a walkabout with the curator of visual arts everyday during the festival.  Artists could be present and festival goers could ask them questions.  I found it very difficult to explain myself in words, so on the third day I decided to sit on one of the sculptures (titled: waiting) and while the curator started to talk, I started to tape my mouth shut with masking tape, thus could not answer questions if there where and did not explain my work…..

walkabout day 3

day 3 shut

During the other days I answered questions and said something.  On day 5 I decided to ask the other artists exhibiting at the KKNK to wrap me to a pole in my venue….I wanted to look like one of my sculptures….

Stephan Erasmus, Helena Hugo and Lettie Coetzee- wrapping me

It felt wonderful and vulnerable…exposed and safe….

On day 7 I sat with one of my sculptures: “Parental guidance is advised

Around my neck hangs a tape : What if it works.  My eyes shut. The movie : “Rosemarie’s baby” comes out of the eyes of the sculpture….

I decided to put the tape in my mouth

On the last day I decided to wrap the curator to a pole…although surprised, he handled every situation with grace and insight

last day i wrap

I gave bundles of wool to some members in the audience, wanting them to help me wrap….

last day its a wrap

The above photos courtesy of: Stephan Erasmus and Wolfgang Schrader

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