Sketchbook 2001-2003

Art portfolio- my work

This is the cover of my 2001-2003 sketchbook.  It used to be my mom’s recipe book.  She had lots of recipe’s which were cut out from magazines pasted in it.  I took out those recipes and put it in a file.

saartjie baartman

I saw on the news Saartjie Baartman is coming home.

One of the Professors at technikon gave me a dead rat – beautifully preserved.  This is a drawing of that rat.

I needed some silkworms for a piece I was working on.  I received some worms from a pre-school.  The page on the left is a note from the teacher of that school and a leaf eaten by the worms.

The texture on this page is created with snakeskin.

I dont remember in which book I found the above image.  Only now I realize that this image eventually served for the recent sculptures I made for the “skeidingsangs” exhibition.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook 2001-2003

  1. Wonderful sketches! I especially love the dead rat…you drew it with such loving tender care…I love rats anyway…and thank YOU for your “follow”…seems we do have quite a bit in common, as I too love bones and dead things…plus love drawing and creating my dead creepy baby dolls…Keep on creating your beautiful works!
    ~Cheers from your new follower/friend 🙂

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