New work 2011

Art portfolio- my work

A school of thought

I am currently obsessed with the notion of “object permanence”.


Object Permanence according to Wikipedia “is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard or touched.  It is acquired by human infants between 8 and 12 months of age.  This step in development is the essential foundation of the memory and memorization process.  Without this concept, objects would not have separate and permanent existence.”

sympodia (mermaid-like fetus)

The pattern paper and collage series concentrate mostly on images of anatomy.  If we did not know or have seen (due to medical advancement) that we have a brain and where it is situated…would we still think that it exists?  Also the frontal cortex is linked to acquisition of object permanence.


August 2011….so since the last time i wrote the above, i had a change of thought…i am still curious about object permanence, but the images are not working well with the theme, thus i am thinking of naming this series something like: lets play doctor, doctor.  I realized that my 3year old are at a stage where he is very curious about his body.  On two separate occasions during bath time he said that he will buy me a penis (as if i want one) and that he will grow titties just like mine.  Interesting that at their age anything is possible.  He also believes that urine comes from his stomach.  On the other hand i am realizing my own body’s limitations, since am more aware of aches and pains after a night without much sleep due the our 11month old boy.  My main focus will still be anatomy in art.

whats bugging you?

The special precautions leaflets in medicine are also freaking me out a bit…what are we giving our children?!


The above image is baby bibs embroidered with the special precautions in pain and fever medicine for children (this one is in Afrikaans, English ones to follow)

I will keep you posted on the development of this new train of thought……


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