children vs art

Art portfolio- my work

Similarities/Differences between children and art

“There is no such ting as art”

Art needs you to be patient

Children impatient

Children is playful

Art is play

Art and children are curious

Children are imaginative

Art is imagination

Children push boundaries

Art has no boundaries

Children seems innocent

Art is not innocent

Children are easily distracted

Art is distraction

Art and Children seek acknowledgment

Children rarely sleep

Art never sleeps

Children are easily pleased

Art are never pleased

Both are needy

Both seek discipline

I love both

9 thoughts on “children vs art

  1. Some of these could be reversed, or an opposite thing said in both parts of the statements. In such cases, you’d probably have to think of different situations with children, or of different types of art than the ones you had in mind.

  2. I agree with you that some of these can be altered and reversed….luckily nothing is set in stone and on another day I would have probably wrote this differently. Maybe as my children grow up and my art change I will revisit this entry and see how it turns out – in the mean time it would be great to hear from others and what they would add, reverse or change.

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