Inspiration – August 2011

Art portfolio- my work

For my birthday this year I received this wonderful book:  “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer.  He is currently under my top ten of all time favourite authors.

I have read this book before, currently re-reading it, and I have seen the movie.

On page 15 I have stumbled across this lovely passage:

“…Or how he was once found on the Well-Regarded Rabbi’s front lawn, bound in white string, and said he tied one around his index finger to remember something terribly important, and fearing he would forget the index finger, he tied a string around his pinky, and then one from waist to neck, and fearing he would forget this one, he tied a string from ear to tooth to scrotum to heel, and used his body to remember his body, but in the end could remember only the string.  Is this someone to trust for a story?”

I can relate to this.

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