Poached Rhinos make me sad

Art portfolio- my work

The first of September signals spring for many people in South Africa.  New beginnings.  Happy days.

On the first of September people in South Africa were prompted to wear black for the sake of rhinos.

I would wear black everyday if I knew it would change the lot of rhinos and poachers would stop their barbaric habits!

Unfortunately a lot of clothing these days are made and imported from China, which will support the idiotic Chinese who believe that Rhino-horn is an aphrodisiac.

Catch 22.

A friend of a friend wrote on her facebook status that unicorns does exist, they are grey and fat and called rhinos.  That made me very melancholy.

inner tube rhino

So recently I started to collect inner tubes from garages.  (you know the stuff they use inside the wheels of cars to keep them inflated.) I decided I want to make soft toys.  An Eco-conscious toy since normally these inner tubes will only end up on the landfills.  This rhino is still in progress.  I pledge to give R10 from every toy sold to the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust  (http://www.pilanesbergwildlifetrust.co.za/projects/anti_poaching_fund.html)   in aid of anti rhino poaching.

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