Celebrating Changes

Art portfolio- my work

Yesterday (31st of October) was Halloween; tomorrow (2nd of November) they celebrate the day of the dead in Mexico.  Today (1 November) I’m celebrating changes.

I shaved my hair. I know it is clichéd, but I want to see my hair turning grey.  I want to experience this transformation for a while, so I had to get rid of the artificial flame red.  I want to see if the colour of my hair will have a difference on me on how I view myself.

I am starting a visual diary/journal again- and I am also in the process of wrecking one, thanks to the book I saw at Wordsworth(haven’t been there in ages)  while I was at the mall (where you normally wont find me since malls remind me of incubators) on Friday (I was exhibiting my range of Lobotoy-me toys).

The book is called :  Wreck this journal.  By Keri Smith.

Just what the doctor prescribed!  I found myself in a ratty race with some out of control control freaks and busy bison’s.  Feeling frustrated often and not enjoying the ride.

I blamed father time, and (m)otherhood.

I wanted to be Superwife, Supermom, creator of that Masterpiece, Supercook,  I wanted the house to be Superclean and organized. Keeping head above water.  Everything in control.

I then discovered Keri’s website. (Well worth a visit) A kindred spirit.  I stumbled upon this posting which I would like to share, since she was talking like the lost part of me.


I’m going to experience everything!

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