One man’s treasure is another man’s junk

Art portfolio- my work

I forgot to tell you this story.  It happened late last year.  An artist friend informed me that she saw one of my sculptures at a junk shop in the small town where she resides.  The owners had no idea who made it, so they called it:  Hannalie, since there was a name badge of a hotel attached to it bearing the name.  ( I used to be a receptionist at a hotel)  The works actual title is:  Unbearable heaviness of being.

unbearable heaviness of being

It was part of an exhibition called ‘HumanEarth’ at Potchefstroom.  The curator lives in Cape Town, and after the exhibition she asked the participants to collect their work.  I informed her that I didn’t have the means to do so and told her that she must do what she must do with it.  So somehow it ended up along other ‘junk’ but luckily the owner of the junkshop really liked it and so now she are proudly displayed in their shop.  A short while after I heard the story from my friend the owner contacted me via facebook and told me she(the sculpture) has found a loving home.

It truly amazes me the way pieces have their own life after they leave the studio.  I am happy it worked out for ‘unbearable heaviness of being and I hope the other two works =’gebind’ and ‘toe hy alles sien’… (See humanEarth post.)

Has found a loving home as well.

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