Art portfolio- my work

Finally I managed to find the box with all the computer goodies.  You see we are in the process of moving and its chaos right here.

I would like to tell you about the amazing experience I had in Cape Town.  All the nominees for the Fiesta award were hosted in Cape Town (interesting since Table Mountain in Cape Town were nominated not so long ago as one of the 7 wonders of the world.-  I wonder if it is considered as a wonder now?)  during 22 and 23 March.  It was the first time in 20 years I set foot on an airplane- and I loved every second of it.  When I was little I wanted to be an air hostess- I am glad I didn’t become one, but it is still fun flying.

The first evening we (the nominees) had an informal dinner at the hotel.  We all received a beautiful artwork by Claudette Schreuders.  (I will post a picture as soon as I find the box containing my camera).  We all got a chance to make believe our speeches which was fun.  I wore this hat:


My speech went like this:

Fooiep fooiep fooiep ( I made this sound while walking to the podium wearing my hat.)

At the podium I produced this sound: pfffrt (as if I am deflating)

“ek het hierdie hoed vir my gemaak sodat ek nie moet grootkop kry nie.

Ek is gewoond daaraan om prentjies te maak en nie te praat,

Maar wil graag dankie se aan die Kyknet span vir die geleentheid, my man-lief wat  kinders oppas en my seuntjie wat wil he mamma moet n boer word in plaas van n kunstenaar- mamma sal nog vir jou n trekker bou.


I had a lovely time meeting people and interesting conversations.

The next morning we had time to ourselves and I decided to walk to Long street (visiting all the bookstores and vintage clothing shops.)  Afterwards I walked to the Iziko South African Art Museum where I was lucky to see a Richard Long exhibition.  There was a ‘project room’ as part of his show where one were free to use all the rocks lying around to express your own feeling you had towards his work.  I used the rocks to spell the word:”verlang” which means missing- longing…also the “-lang” is a play on his surname: Long. (once again I will post pictures later when the camera is found). I had a blast.  Before I headed back to the hotel I sat and watched the squirrels in the Garden while eating an apple feeling like Eve.

The evening of the 23rd we all were transported to the Artscape theatre by bus.  For that event I wore an army helmet covered in small mirrors.  Someone asked me if there is a ‘meaning’ behind the hat I wore- which there is not except for the fact that I love dressing up from time to time.  Life is way too serious and I like having fun with clothes.  The Kyknet team managed to put up a great show.  It will be broadcasted on the DSTV KYKNET channel 111 on 1 March 2012 at 19h30.   Peet Pienaar did the set design which reminded me of our home since they used a lot of boxes.  David Kramer sang ‘Skipskop” my favorite Afrikaans song- the only one that have the ability to make me teary.  Mark Banks were hilarious.

Diane Victor walked away with the award in the visual arts category.  I truly admire her vision and passion.  How she is not afraid to use ‘awkward’ subject matter in her work with integrity.  Congratulations.

A work by Diane Victor

This was truly a remarkable experience- one I wont forget very soon.


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