things i used to do list (again)

Art portfolio- my work

I am still in love with lists-

I am also currently addicted to using what i have (any scrap of paper lying around will do)

I like to combine it with my current passion: thread and ink

So here is my ever expanding list of things i- used- to- do:


*nothing, *breathe,*find, *punch holes, *play (cowboys and indians), *make lists, *think, *travel (africa), *pretend, *tie knots, *sew, *be neat and tidy, *support (pharmaceutical companies), *fish, *print, *visit the sea, *lose teeth, *believe monsters exist, * use watercolours, *have a doll, *receive letters, * weigh, *have a pet tortoise, *watch stars, *cry, *be lost, * dissect (frogs), * scribble like crazy, * float, *connect the dots, * type, *collect (butterflies), *suck bones, *bend, *have heavy boots, *keep top secrets, *have bloodshot eyes, * know a real gentleman, *sieve, *like (violence/Kentridge), *eat (crayfish), * have energy, *own a dog, * read a textbook for midwives, *dress up, *be attached, *wear high heels, *exercise, * search for spiders, *give birth, * have an address, *have a heart, *fly, *walk in the forest, *look, * embroider, *strive, *play music…..


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