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In one of the previous entries (Timeless) I mentioned the work of Lisa Grobler… It was while I was reading about her exhibition (she was party inspired by it for her show: white termite) that I decided to read this book

The soul of the white ant- by Eugene Marais


Partly because I wanted to interview her at one stage for another blog I am writing for, but mostly because I love entomology and wanted to know more about these creatures.

While I am only at chapter 8 right now, chapter 2 is still bugging me….(pardon the pun)

In chapter 2 the author tells us about the queen and presents us with the following facts:

“1.. The queen is incapable of movement.

2..  The doors of the cell are too small for her to come or go by.

3.  The insects cannot lift her.

4.  yet she vanishes from one cell to appear in another.

He goes on to say:

“I have tested many theories brought forward by friends who have studied entomology, but have never found one which coincided with all the facts.  Perhaps one day a future Fabre will discover the truth.”

The book (which was followed by a 10year study of termites by Marias) was first published in 1937, a year after he died.  So I am wondering if the ‘truth’ has been discovered.

How does the queen do it?

I cant wait to finish this one because I have another book waiting next to my bed to be read.

Die Plaag- deur David van Reybrouck

This book came into my life via Piketberg, and Johann was so kind as to let me borrow it.

Apparently it is about the life of Eugene Marais who seems like a very interesting character.

Looking forward to some quality reading time.

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