Birth pain = mother love

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Due to the fact that I didn’t have airtime on the data bundle last week it afforded me some quality reading time and I finished reading the amazing book:  the soul of the white ant.

I really enjoyed chapter 10 where Eugene Marais discussed his findings on pain and how pain accompanied the laying of the first eggs in the termite queen.

image from the book: The soul of the white ant. by Eugene Marais.

He says:

‘…we find that birth pain is the key which unlocks the doors to mother love, in all animals from the termite queen to the whale.  Where pain is negligible, mother love and care are feeble.  Where pain is absent, there is absolutely no mother love.  Naturally it was not enough to show the connection between birth pain and mother love in order to prove that one was the result of the other.  A large number of experiments dispelled all doubt.”

I really recommend reading this book if you want to know more about his experiments.


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