Art portfolio- my work

I always feel like this when there are changes looming….

  1. My husband might have to return to his former vocation in the Diesel Mechanic/construction trade…after a year doing ceramics.

We studied fine art at the same institution.  After that he went to qualify as a diesel mechanic.   He worked in this industry for 10 years.  After working a lot away from home and our second sons birth he/we decided to give it a go, take a chance and…..

He opened his own ceramic studio in January 2011… He did extremely well…one of his pieces was exhibited at the Design Indaba 2012 held in Cape Town.

His work was extremely well received with galleries and collectors locally, and I wish we had the means so that we both can carry on doing what we love, but the stark reality of Mr Finance is breathing down our shoulders constantly.

2.  I am thinking of changing the look of my blog after a dear friend wrote to me and said that he find my blog delightful, but that each post seems to bleed into the next one and that is a bit overwhelming at times.  I think he may have a point, but not sure how I can remedy that ,  the only way is to maybe change the whole look….what do you think?  And I am also wondering if a white background won’t read easier than the black.  – Although I have a soft spot for ‘mr’ hue black.

3.   I am teaching myself a new skill- will tell you about it a bit later.

4.   I missed a few deadlines for proposals for next year since- on purpose, not that I wanted to, but because I am not sure where (which town/city) we will be in the coming months, but I am happy to say that I am preparing for a show in September, which I will tell you about next time.

So while I am feeling a bit fragile, I am also super excited about some changes, cause sometimes that’s all one need…


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