I create therefore I am

Art portfolio- my work

I used to love rainy weather.

It has been raining for more than 48 hours.

We have been experiencing power cuts on and off for more than 4 hours at a time.

3 dogs , 1 cat and 2 small children.  The house is a mess.  I don’t mind.

What to do?  That is the question.  If my boys were older I would teach them the board game:  Monopoly or my favorite:  Chess, or knitting or something…

We could curl up in front of the fire place and read.

At their age we normally (when it rains) bake and cook up a storm (literally) but the oven was out of the question due to the lack of electricity.  So I made play dough on the gas stove- that was entertaining for about half an hour.

Then we build with Lego and wooden blocks, until the 22month old “S” started to crash into the towers and that made 4year old “E” crack up.  We played hide and seek.  We finger painted.  We groomed (cut finger nails etc.)

I find the 22month age group very difficult to entertain- leaving me feeling drained.

I wondered what my grandmother did.  She had 6 children.  Did they have electricity?  What did she do when it rained?  I wish I could ask her.

After a while I only wanted to curl up and loose myself in art- preparing for my upcoming show. I need to practice embroidery.

Embroidery on rubber- in progress.

I have some areas I am struggling with and need to focus.


I am a mother because……?

I am an artist because…….?

I am a mother and an artist because?


While I ponder this you can skip over to the lovely blog of Christian Mihai :


and read his wonderful post:

I am an artist because…

He says:

Because I often find myself asking this simple question, “What’s the difference between a kid who always wanted to be a writer and a kid who always wanted to be a doctor? Or a sailor? Or an astronaut?”

I wonder what made me fall in love with Art?

Why does “E” love tractors so much, and why does he with all his heart wants to be a farmer?- I don’t believe its just a phase- he is too passionate about it.

What will ‘S’ be passionate about?  At the moment he loves pressing buttons, and being very physical- jumping, crashing, running etc.  He likes bugs as well.

Why do I feel so grumpy, frustrated, lost when I can’t create?

Christian Mihai goes on to say:

“Artists are guided by passion, by the need to create. And our emotions and dreams are amplified by our art. Whether a conscious decision or not, in order to be an artist, one has to create art.”


Creation can be in the form of writing, cooking, playing, drawing, making music,  building etc.

I am an artist because I need to create

I am a mother because of those primal urges to be part of the creative act.

I am because of creation.



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