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After 35 years I still love to play

If I had the means I would keep on buying toys for myself.

The toys I have in mind are those created by two different and amazing artists:

  1.  Annette Messager-  I have been a huge fan since I saw her work in a book featuring her early works in 2004.  One day I hope to see her work in person.

Pages from the book: Annette Messager- The Messengers

  1. Rosemary Marriot-  I saw her work for the first time at an art festival a couple of years back and fell in love with it instantly.  Unfortunately I missed her show: Relaas (meaning narritave.)………………

“Relaas: ringe ringe rosie” by Rosemarie Marriot

Marriott states that she “attempts to capture how a child might envisage and interpret children’s parables and nursery rhymes”.

Relaas: Drievoud by Rosemarie Marriott

According to some internet sources her materials reference her early childhood spent on a farm in the dry Kuruman area.  (It’s a pity that she doesn’t have a website)

I love how the both of them have a tendency to combine taxidermy with toys.

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