dragons eyes

Art portfolio- my work

I received a delightful parcel from a dear friend via snail mail the other day, it contained this lovely book:

“The ass saw the angel” by Nick Cave

I have read it while I was still at school, since our library had a copy, but then the cover looked different.

I like this cover more.

Can’t wait to revisit the book again, since I love the work by Nick Cave (and his music of course), but first I have to finish reading “Die plaag”.

At bedtime we are currently reading this book:

“Die draak skilder”/ The dragon painter- retold by Rosie Dickins

Since my son decided that he likes dragons as well as tractors.

This is an traditional Chinese story retold by Rosie Dickins and In the end note it says that even today the people in China says that they “are painting the dragons eyes” to describe the act of adding the last paint strokes before a painting is finished.  I love that.

Yesterday E made this drawing of a dragon:

but was very disappointed that his dragon didn’t come alive when he drew the eyes.  It was a tough one to explain!

The preparations for my exhibition at the end of September are coming along nicely, but I am still far from ‘painting the dragon’s eyes”.

3 thoughts on “dragons eyes

    1. Thank you Ute. And thank you for teaching me about google translate! now I can understand your blog too…love your pictures. Etienne is a family name. I think it is french and means ” crown/head of the home” The afrikaans version is Stephanus, and thats the name of our other son, so we have to boys trying to be “crown/head of the house”….ooops.

      1. Yes it is french and that is sometimes a problem for the germans who cannot understand it. They often believe it to be a female name and that means he often has to show his pass to prove that he is the legal owner of his cash card 😉

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