artist statement for upcoming exhibition

Art portfolio- my work

My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on the 21st of September.

The Prince Albert Gallery is also commemorating their 10th anniversary this year.

After a decade it feels like one is starting a new chapter.

My new body of work is inspired by the chapters of the book What wives wish their husbands knew about women., by Dr. James Dobson.

I created these works to elaborate on each chapter. The first chapter is dedicated to “Mom the domestic engineer”.

As a “domestic engineer” I recently taught myself the skill of embroidery from a book.  I juxtapose this feminine craft with the male realm by embroidering on discarded inner tube.

Chapter 3: a low self-esteem: No-one can stand the awful knowledge that he/she is not needed

I also illustrate each chapter with drawings made by attaching bits and pieces of paper with a sewing machine.  I call these drawings my ‘paper dolls’.  These fantastical creatures may threaten or help us.  They may be alluring or repelling.  As beings that are out of the ordinary, they are able to cross and challenge, but also guard and define boundaries between the known and unknown, self and other, nature and culture, life and death, human and divine.

Chapter 1: Mom the domestic engineer: A Souvenir portrait

I want to create a miss-match feeling by combining the traditional with non traditional elements.  Making something new from something found.  The sculptural works are based on the experimental phase children reach at a certain age while they engage with toys during playtime.

Chapter 9: Problems with the children

I found inspiration in Mythology especially in the Gothic monster myths that arose out of the late romantic era such as e.g.:  Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein- they serve as the phobic allegories of the primal fear culture feels as their body is increasingly perverted, corrupted or mutated by the unknown intangible forces of society, science, technology, medicine or in other words humanity itself.

With this “new chapter I will explore the vulnerable landscape of marriage and relationships.




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