PAart (Prince Albert Art Festival)- part1

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I realized that I cannot possibly write about this event in one post, so I decided to break it down into parts…

so here goes….

Thursday the 27th we departed to the small iconic town of Prince Albert to hang our exhibition “A New Chapter”, as part of their first art festival to be held over the weekend entitled ‘A vulnerable landscape”.

Upon our arrival we made our way to the venue, True Karoo, which would be ‘home’ to our exhibition during the festival.  It is owned by Trudy Brain, who is an artist who paints landscapes and makes angels from driftwood and other discarded materials.

It was the perfect venue for us since the room was just big enough for all our work and small enough to create a sense of intimacy.  When you enter the venue the smell of jasmine is everywhere, which reminded me of our wedding since I had jasmine in my bouquet.

In about an hour and a half all the work was patiently installed by my dear husband

Afterwards we made our way to the home of Henriette (better known as the dog and cat lady, since she provides a loving home for 9 dogs and 38 stray and unwanted cats).  She opened her heart and home and was our host for the weekend.  So if ever you have a surplus of dog or cat food you can always send some to Prince Albert and know that it will be put to good use.

After we settled we headed over to the Prince Albert Gallery to meet with the brain behind the festival as well as Gallery and Restaurant owner Brent Phillips-White. We talked about fracking, wind-farms, solar towns and midnight tennis.

I also had the privilege to meet the landscape artist Strydom van der Merwe , who was also exhibiting at the festival.

Strijdom van der Merwe

(I wish that I have taken photos of  all the  art during this weekend-  maybe a good thing  that I didn’t, since now I stumble upon other sites and info about these artists while looking for photos of their work to show you.- I will try and credit these sites as far as possible)

During the conversation with Strijdom the following site was mentioned:

For all of you interested in land art, it’s worth a visit.

What a great start to a lovely weekend.

Stay tuned for part two following shortly.


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