PArt- Part 2

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On Friday the town was still relatively quiet so we decided to pay a visit to my two favorite places in town:  The post office (where I bought a stamp) and the Library (which I think is one of my top 3 libraries- they still use the old-school card process, but they are super efficient with it and always friendly- it was the first Library my son joined.)

We also tried to see all the other exhibitions.  The landscape was the predominant feature. Visit for more info on all the exhibitions.

All the trees in the main road were dressed in black cloth in protest against fracking in the Karoo

“South Africa cannot afford to gamble with your water supply, food security, the health of your family, and the heritage of your children in pursuit of a short-term gain for foreign oil companies and our government.

We need proof that shale gas is the best option and a legacy that we will be proud to leave to our children.” From this site : Visit it or their facebook page for more information about fracking, as well as

At 5 pm it was the official opening of the festival at the Main Gallery

There we met the some interesting people from Baardskeerdersbos.  It sounds like a fascinating place to live and work from, and it was great to hear about it first hand form to residents, but thanks to that I also came to know more about this interesting blog.

Two of the artists on the festival is from that area:

Niel Jonker

Niel Jonker: Onder Swartberg mis

And Joshua Miles

Joshua Miles

Earlier In the day I bought 3 books:

Gertrude and The glass bead game by Hermann Hesse, (previously I have only read Sidderharta and Steppenwolf by this author, so I am super excited by this find).  I also bought the Tao Te Ching.  All for under R30!

To be continued

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