PArt- Part3

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On Saturday I started to feel a bit emotionally unstable.  My mother in law phoned and said that Friday was a very bad day health wise for our little one.  You see I made the huge mistake of taking him for his booster measles vaccination on Tuesday.  Never before did he show any reaction to vaccinations and they told me that if he does show any signs of fever etc, that it will normally pass by the third day.  Not this time.  (Note to self- never vaccinate before we plan to go away on a ‘romantic/business’ weekend again!)

People starting to ask if there have been any sales yet- it seems that success is measured with the amount of sales, never mind the experience and knowledge one gains along the way.

Some one wrote in my visitors book: ‘Jammer!! Dit wys jou verhouding met jou ma was verkeerd” (loosely translated: Sorry, it shows that your relationship with your mom was wrong” ) What this anonymous person didn’t know is that she perhaps saw deeper into the work than most. – I didn’t have a relationship with my mom since she died in a car crash when I was 18 (during the height of my rebellious phase).  But the work was not really about ‘us’.

I had a conversation with very interesting individuals today who told me that my ‘Toys’ reminds them of the work of Gerhard Quenum.  I told them I will have to look him up and oh boy! I am glad I did!  I feel like I have known this person in a previous life.

Gerhard Quenum

Gerhard Quenum

Gerhard Quenum


Later the evening we went to a talk by the artist JP Meyer

JP Meyer

“Preserved sharks and unmade beds” was the title of the talk.  Very entertaining and insightful.  For the firs time I heard about the wonderful sculptor  Jason Taylor.

Jason Taylor

La Evolución Silenciosa is the largest underwater collection of art. It was installed in November 2010 and consists of 403 life-size cement people standing side by side on a barren patch of sand. Taylors designs encompass both contemporary and Mayan historical narratives forming the building blocks which develop into a complex artificial reef for aquatic life to inhabit.[33] While the appearance of the collection underwater is of a crowd of people, from a distance it take the shape of an eye.[1] The collection occupies over 420 square meters of barren ocean floor and the location is hoped to redirect visitors away from nearby natural reefs providing them with the opportunity to regenerate.[30]

In an interview with USA today, Taylor comments on the progression of his work alongside nature, “The coral applies the paint. The fish supply the atmosphere. The water provides the mood. People ask me when it’s going to be finished. This is just the beginning”.[6] The Museum has recently been voted by Forbes corporation as one of the world’s most unique places to visit.[34]

From Wikipedia

Afterwards we had dinner at the Gallery Restaurant.  I ate a spinach and tomato Canneloni and Hendrik had some Warthog for the first time in his life.  This is all that remained:

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