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“If a child accepts as true what his parents tell him – that the earth is a planet held securely on its path by gravity – then the child can only imagine that gravity is a string.  Thus the parents’ explanation has led to not better understanding or feeling of security.  It requires considerable intellectual maturity to believe that there can be stability to one’s life when the ground on which one walks (the firmest thing around, on which everything rests) spins with incredible speed on an invisible axis’  that in addition it rotates around the sun;  furthermore hurtles through space with the entire solar system.  I have never yet encountered a prepubertal youngster who could comprehend all these combined movements, although I have known many who could repeat this information,  such children parrot explanations which according to their own experience of the world are lies, but which they must believe to be true because some adult has said so.  The consequence is that children come to distrust their own experience, and therefore themselves and what their minds can do for them”

p. 48  Bruno Bettelheim (The uses of enchantment)

While reading this book it feels to me that I need a degree in psychology to raise my children.

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