Myths vs Fairytales

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I cant remember how I found this exciting photography site  of Mr Toledano, but I am glad I did.

This image relates strongly to myth and I love the fact that he says on his site that:   “all the costumes are real”.  If we were to celebrate Halloween – I would love to get my hands on some of these costumes!

Mr Toledano


  • “The dominated feeling a myth conveys is:  this is absolutely unique, it could not have happened to any other person.
  • The ending:  in myths is nearly always tragic
  • The myth is pessimistic
  • Every myth is a story of a particular hero

Mr Toledano


  •  The most remarkable encounters are related in casual, everyday ways in fairy-tales.
  • The ending are always happy
  • Fairy-tales are optimistic
  • Fairy-tales are about everyman, people very much like us

Check out more of his photography here

I also cannot help to listen to Tori Amos – A sorta fairytale.  This video found on youtube relates very strongly with the some of Mr Toledano’s  photography- don’t you think?

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