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I suffer from a slight case of coulrophobia, so I really got a fright when I received a visit recently from a clown.  The clown is better known as Le Clown.

Le Clown is quite a keen observer, and he noticed in ‘the about me’ section that I mentioned I am an amateur origamist.

I’m afraid I have to confess that I have to re-introduce myself since I USED to be an amateur origamist until I fell in love with stitch-craft.


Here are some more confessions:

*I used to love folding paper, but these days I prefer stitching rubber.

* The closest I’ll get to origami a clown is to valley-fold the fool of a tarot deck.

* I secretly prefer freaks to clowns

* My favourite South African movie: Paljas features a clown

* My favourite animated movie doesn’t contain a clown but a clown-fish (finding Nemo)

* My favourite image of a clown is this one:

Christiaan Diedericks- Feast of Fools V (red ribbon)

Done by South African artist and printmaker Chris Diedericks

*I don’t eat McDonald’s, but I know who Ronald McDonald is.  (Once we walked in the Botanical Gardens with the kids and my son saw this in a bin):


He wanted to know why someone would throw this picture away.

Why is there a man looking like this on the paper?

Why is the man looking so happy?

I had a hard time explaining the concept of a clown to a four year old, and I think that McDonalds were very successful in using a clown for their brand.

Anyway so this is as much as I will confess for now.

After all that, I am still wondering how does one cure coulrophobia?

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