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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
Yoko Ono, Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings

This time next month it will be Christmas.

Most of the shops locally have been celebrating Christmas from October already, by adorning their shops with Christmas decorations and playing Christmas carols.

The other day my son asked why Santa Clause has already been to the Library and another local grocer since there are some Christmas presents under their tree and why haven’t he been to us yet….?

Good question.

Talking about presents:

“Junk is the mold of monopoly and possession, the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk is necessary. The client will crawl through the sewer and beg to buy. The junk merchant does not sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to the produce. He degrade and simplifies the client. Junk yields the basic formula of evil virus” William Burroughs

So what will you  buy as Christmas presents?

“I saw that nothing was permanent. You don’t want to possess anything that is dear to you because you might lose it”
Yoko Ono

The other day my friend wrote on her facebook status:

“Why has the southern hemisphere never developed it’s own Christmas identity? Here Christmas is:
Sunshine, not snow; sandcastles, not snowmen; cocktails, not eggnog; sea sand, not snowflakes; coconut oil, not cinnamon and all spice; Agave trees, not spruce trees.
So, why everywhere in the shops and on TV is it a winter wonderland when we’re all sweating our asses off and lying on the beach?????”

Another good question.

There is no other artwork that captures my mood about Christmas better than:

Black Christmas (2002) by Willem Boshoff:

Black Christmas 2002

Wood broken plastic toys glue

104 x 96 cm

Collection Jack Ginsberg.

In the book: Willem Boshoff- word forms and language shapes 1975 – 2007

Jack Ginsberg writes the following about the work:

“This is a two dimensional sculpture that shows the paradoxical dichotomy between the joyful and the gloomy aspects of Christmas.  The colourful array of toys ‘ raining down on’ the Christmas tree evokes childhood fantasies of an overabundance of Christmas presents, as found especially in middle- and upper-class families.  They also depict the way in which the conspicuous consumption of contemporary society has come to represent Christmas.  It is entirely apt that the world’s most popular song is I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.

The black Christmas tree itself, on the other hand, conveys the sense of a menacing technology very similar to that of the Borg spaceship cube in Star Trek or Darth Vader’s Deathstar in Star Wars.  The surface, although actually similar to that of the colourful portion, has an entirely different, threatening and hostile feeling.  This is a black, not white Christmas, which portrays the way many lonely or cynical people have come to view the pagan holiday.

Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918), one of the most influential and the earliest of the concrete poets, included a poem, II Pluet (It is raining) in slanting typographical rain in his Calligrames.  This sculpture is the even more concrete conceptual equivalent).”


The writing ends of with Guillaume Apollinaire which I still have to do some research about,  but at the moment I’m reading more and more about Yoko Ono. I knew who she is, but don’t know much about her work.  So I enjoyed the DVD “Gimme the Truth” which I borrowed from a friend.  Through it I found out about her book called Grapefruit (which I wouldn’t mind getting in my Christmas stocking).  And about touch poems – which sounds so beautiful I want to find out more, but here is a picture I found on the net about her touch poem:

Yoko’s touch poem – found on the internet

Art, Concrete poems, and Event Scores

(Event Scores, involve simple actions, ideas, and objects from everyday life recontexualized as performance. Event Scores are texts that can be seen as proposal pieces or instructions for actions. The idea of the score suggests musicality. Like a musical score, Event Scores can be realized by artists other than the original creator and are open to variation and interpretation.[5]) -Wikipedia

it’s  something I might indulge in this season.

I’ll leave you with Yoko’s:


Think that snow is falling. Think that snow is falling everywhere all the time. When you talk with a person, think that snow is falling between you and on the person. Stop conversing when you think the person is covered by snow.

So dear friends and fellow bloggers, this will be my last post for 2012- I’m taking a blogging holiday since I cant afford any other vacation- I’ll ‘see’ you when the snow melts…..



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