Dear Santa….

Art portfolio- my work

Dear Santa,

I think that I might not have been a very good mother this year.

I have lied.

I have told plenty of lies for example:

I told my 4year old boy that you exist.

You, the Easter bunny, and Jesus.

I told him that dragons exist and that I have one.  He asked me when will my dragon come and visit.  I replied that my dragon is very shy- which is another lie, since she visits me often in my dreams; but will only visit me.

Luckily he’s not old enough to tell him about the Tooth fairy.

I told him once that everything will be okay not sure myself if it would be.

I told him that I am saving for a farm and a tractor since he wants to become a farmer, meanwhile I am paying off my credit card debt.

I am still trying to figure out if these are proper lies.  When do a story/ fable/ legend/dream and a lie merge? The boundaries are very unclear at the moment.

In the meanwhile I have read about a book which I desire with all my heart- it is called: Mother Reader.

I have read bits and pieces of it via Google reader and found this inspiring piece written by Susan Griffin: (which I copied into my diary)

mother reader

(I would really like to read the rest.)

Maybe I should rewrite it a 100 times to make up for all the lies I have told.

Would that absolve me from my crime?

If so or if the above are not proper lies, could you please put this book in my Christmas stocking this year?

Kind regards

Hannalie Taute

p.s it will also prove to me that you exist and it will be one lie less.


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