A day in the life of a mother….

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A while ago I told you about Lenka and Michael’s project: Mysterious letters, which I really enjoyed. Yesterday I found an interesting post about the art of letter writing on the Brainpickings website (see here)

I prefer the mysterious letters, but at the above website I loved to read about the ‘rules’ of good letter writing.……

But perhaps most fascinating of all is a section on the etiquette and subtleties of paper and ink selection, itself a special kind of art that can communicate an extraordinary range of sentiments — something entirely lost to us in the age of digital type on sterile screens.

Shortly before that I received this insect related parcel via snail mail


Which contained a book: “Even with insects- a novel” by Barbara Erasmus, and six plastic insects. Delighted!

And then by the end of last year I read on the Littleyellowbirds blog about Lenka’s latest project: A residency in motherhood!(to find out more go here), which is so awesome.

So on Wednesday I had the privilege to record a day in the life of me. I chose Wednesday because it was my first borne son’s birthday. So in a way it was a form of celebration.  I remember when he was still a baby how I recorded his routine to see if there is a method to the madness.  This time around I found it difficult at times to record my every move, but also enlightening to see what happens to those precious minutes in my day.

As soon as she has it up on her site I will let you know, but for now you can read all the other mother’s days here.

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