On meanings, reading and 3D- random thoughts

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I have this habit of believing that the universe is sending me signs constantly.

Lately I have been seeing the name: Kurt Vonnegut a lot, and figured that maybe I should be reading more of his books.  Last year sometime I read his book Breakfast of Champions. I never finished it…unfortunately, but I loved this quote:

kurt vonnegut

Recently I read this post: here

written by  a fellow blogger.

It made me want to go and get the book again and finish reading it.

What this post made me also realizes is that at different stages in ones life one gets different things from the same book. We all are individuals so he saw something else in that book than what I saw way back then.

It’s the same with movies.  Two weeks ago I went to see “Life of Pi “ in 3D.   I’ve read the book years ago, but didn’t like it very much.  So after a lot of prompting from friends I eventually lost my 3D movie virginity and went to see it.  I loved it. I want to re-read the book again sometime. As for 3D movies- I’m not sure what the fuss is about, I mean I admire the ‘art’ of creating a movie like that. I still wonder how they do it? With computers? The camera itself? The screen? It reminded me of those books where you have to squint and move it closer and further away and voila! 3D.

Personally I believe that the story is more important than the visual effects so for me it doesn’t matter if I see it on the big screen in 3D or on DVD at home.

The other day I was looking for books written by Vonnegut.  There was only one : “Hocus Pocus” in our library, but I didn’t take it out yet, since I have to finish “Witches Abroad” by Terry Pratchet first. (A friend highly recommended it). Hocus Pocus- Witches Abroad…..mmmm

In Witches Abroad I found this quote about mirrors which reminds me of 3D movies :

“And your image extends forever, in reflections of reflections of reflections, and every image is the same, all the way around the curve of light.

Except that it isn’t.

Mirrors contain infinity.

Infinity contains more things than you think.

Everything for a start.

Including hunger.

Because there’s a million billion images and only one soul to go around.

Mirrors give plenty, but they take away lots”.

How do you feel about 3D? and

What are you reading currently?

4 thoughts on “On meanings, reading and 3D- random thoughts

  1. I like 3D when it’s done for the sake of immersion, but not as an effect per se…. which Is generally how I also view CGI. My favorite 3D film so far is Toy Story 3, by far, not just because it’s a truly amazing end to a saga I lived, but that the 3D was among the least intrusive of all the films I’ve seen in 3D (4, I think) but entirely made me feel like I was in the world… and maybe that’s something animation is inheirently better for I don’t know.

    And you’re absolutely right about the different stages thing…. I always find it fascinating when I have the opportunity to reexperience something I’ve already experienced at a different point in time, a different place, a different frame of mind. This has often happened with films for me, and I commonly qualify when I’m speaking about my impression of a film as pre-film major and post, because the experiences I have in relation to many a film are wildly different now that I’ve come to appreciate both the subtetly or nuance of the theme that I may have missed before, but also all of the varied technical ways I could be impressed, even affected, by a film that I was largely oblivious to anything but the dialogue and plot before.

    Also, working at a boy scout summer camp you saw it all the time too, the kids living and experiencing the thing you did many years ago, in relation to how you experience it now.

    Thanks for the shout out, and let me know what you get from it, I’d like to ‘compare notes’ so to speak.

    1. I missed Toy Story in 3D, watched it in 2D- also one of my favourite movies. I think of animation these days as modern fairy tales for adults and kids. I saw the trailer of some or other cave-men animated story and that definitely sounds like a modern fairytale. I am not familiar with the term CGI to which you refer? as for re-experiencing things- having children helped me to re-experience childhood to a certain extent. Looking forward to more of your amazing posts!

      1. CGI- Computer Generated Images, generally referring to films, it’s anything that wasn’t physically filmed/recorded, but added/manipulated in post-production. To illustrate the difference, take Transformers vs. Inception. Transformers is a Michael Bay film of CGI, largely for the sake of CGI. You don’t watch it because a meaningful film, it’s standard hollywood fare, but you watch it for the sake of seeing giant machines fight each other with a bunch of big explosions sprinkled in. Meanwhile, people watch inception because it is a deeply moving film, a thought provoking film, and when CGI is called upon to bring a folded city to life, it functions to serve a higher purpose than the simple effect of folding a city over. The CGI is used as a normative part of a fantastic thought experiment. Whereas in Transformers, the CGI is the spectacle.

        I feel the same should go for 3D. It should be used as a normative effect, and not the spectacle itself. Just as Toy Story isn’t about toy’s coming to life, it’s merely allegorical for the sense of purpose and childlike wonder we lose in the hustle and bustle of our lives. It’s entirely CGI’d, and available in 3D, but about neither.

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