Bacchanalia to Festivalis- A performance in Miniature

Art portfolio- my work

“Visual artists being voyeurs and performers being … not”

Visual Art is the gaze that lingers. Throughout the History of the Visual Arts, artists have served as the recorders and interpreters of the arts as a whole. Arresting visual narratives that navigate the borderland ritual and performance abound in the Visual Historical record.

Vestal Virgins dancing on Classical Greek Vases – Velasquez portrait’s of the diminutive and the dimwitted characters that amused the Spanish court – Toulouse Lautrec’s vivid records of the performers of the Moulin Rouge – Picasso’s designs for Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes – the list goes on.

The word “miniature” derives from the Latin “minum”, and refers to the red load bases ink, used to emphasize initial letters, in illuminated manuscripts. What we today call “miniatures” were called “Historia” in the Middle Ages by the Elizabethans.

Miniatures (paintings in the little) contain an aesthetic of their own. Delicacy – intimacy and charm are the hallmarks of the miniature. Miniatures venerate personal nature – creating subjective icons.

Bacchanalia to Festivalis (invitation image)

Bacchanalia to Festivalis (invitation image)

The past few weeks I have been busy creating work for this group exhibition which opens on the 16th of February 2013, at the ART business gallery in Piketberg.

Mom the domestic engineer- Celebrating womenhood (embroidery on rubber)

Mom the domestic engineer- Celebrating womenhood (embroidery on rubber)

I have embroidered 18 small pieces (approx 20cm) for this show and my ‘artist statement’ reads:

“What we today call ‘miniatures’ were called “Historia” in the Middle Ages by the Elizabethans.”

The above statement is quoted from the artist brief for this show.

I used the above as starting point for this series:

Mom the domestic engineer: celebrating womanhood

The word “Historia” reminded me of the word “Hysteria”, which was once believed to be only a woman’s condition.  A “performance” done by women. That’s why I want to celebrate women with these pieces.  The shape of the rubber pieces also reminds me of the shape of an egg.  Eggs being mostly related to females.

So if you are in the Piketberg area around the 16th please visit the ART business gallery for the opening of this exhibition.

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