Wait, Waiting, Tom Waits….

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February was a month full of waiting.

Besides waiting for a lot of projects to realize, I am also waiting on tables at a local restaurant 3 times a week.  (I am perplexed by the amount of money being spent on meat and wine per night, and also amazed about the amount of food wasted.)  A lot of left-over food goes into a bin for pigs on a farm while more and more street children are wandering the streets at night (not that they are looking for food, but rather money to spend on drugs I presume) I wish the foreigners would be educated and encouraged not to give these street children money, because that worsen the problem.  Rather give them your leftovers from a meal at a restaurant.  I was surprised to find out that people from the UK and Canada don’t have problems with begging over there.  Why is that?

I also feel like a kind of hypocrite since now I have to try and sell meat because that pushes up the bill, which means more money for the restaurant and possibly more money for me.  It feels strange especially after reading the book: “Eating Animals”. But enough of that.

What I really wanted to write about is that in the mean time I heard that my work has been accepted for a group exhibition regarding Tom Waits!

I am super excited, since I admire Tom Waits and looking forward to see and be part of this show.

"Romeo is bleeding" Embroidery on rubber/inner tube

“Romeo is bleeding” Embroidery on rubber/inner tube

This show is curated by artist Gordon Froud and he had this to say about the planned exhibition:

Based on the success of the Leonard Cohen Altarpiece exhibition called Altered Pieces that I curated in 2011 and which is still on tour in 2012, I have decided to extend my curative activities in the direction of Tom Waits. Instead of the altarpiece format form last year, this show will be based on a roughly LP sized circular format. (30cm in diameter).

. There is no process in selection of songs and each artist is free to use whichever lyric or section of lyric that they choose (even if someone else has selected this too – artists seldom come up with the same solutions).

"Oily night" Embroidery on rubber/inner tube

“Oily night” Embroidery on rubber/inner tube

The works I submitted for the Tom Waits exhibition at the KKNK 2013 are pretty straight forward interpretations of 3 of his songs.  The difficult part was selecting 3 of my favourite songs out of his whole oeuvre, since most of his work is really amazing and inspiring.

I narrowed my choices down to:

Romeo is bleeding

Oily night – I embroidered the lyrics of this song, since it is the only lyrics contained in that song.

Chocolate Jesus.

These three represent my adolescent years to some extent.

Oily night is a symbol for my oily skin when I was sixteen covered with pimples like the craters of the moon at night.

I used to fall in love with a lot of musicians eg: Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Here I depicted him (Tom) as a Romeo bleeding.  The thread-like blood a symbol for his ‘feelings’ for me.

I found salvation in music in those turbulent years thus I wanted to do a Chocolate Jesus. Sweet memories. The chocolate colour thread falling down represents him as ‘melting’.

Why did I choose embroidery on rubber (inner tube as my medium)? You might ask.

Rubber reminds me of vinyl. I used to listen to LP’s and still do. Rubber  and music is sexy.

My mom made some of my clothes when I was young. I wanted to look sexy, but instead I looked pretty. These days I find sewing sexy.

"Chocolate Jesus" embroidery on rubber/inner tube

“Chocolate Jesus” embroidery on rubber/inner tube

“This show, which should be comprised of around 100 works, is scheduled to travel the country in the footsteps of the Cohen show. We are launching at ABSA KKNK in April 2013, move to Grande Provence Wine Estate for the Literary Festival in May, The University of Johannesburg Art Center in July and hopefully Oliewenhuis Gallery, Bloemfontein in August. Other venues may be explored in Natal and the Cape. “- Gordon Froud

"Chocolate Jesus is melting"

“Chocolate Jesus is melting”

The KKNK starts on the 29th of March and I will hopefully show you more about this exhibition by then.

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