“What a lot I got”……

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When I saw on facebook that the artist Alex Hamilton are sending out press releases for his up and coming show at this year’s KKNK, I jumped at the opportunity to get one as well. (Not that I am a journalist or even an art critic, but partly out of curiosity and partly because I have been a fan of his previous work like this one):

Alex Hamilton - Butterfly Doll (assemblage) 2008

Alex Hamilton – Butterfly Doll (assemblage) 2008

So last week I received his lovely press release packet in the post:

press release parcel

I find it quite fitting that CJ Langenhoven is on the cover of the box, since CJ Langenhoven is synonymous with Oudtshoorn and I currently reside in Oudtshoorn, and this is also where the KKNK will take place.  CJ Langenhoven and I even share the same birth date (13 August)

The Library (my favourite public place) is named after him. Other places in Oudtshoorn is named after his imaginary pet elephant Herrie. (you got to love someone who has an imaginary pet elephant!)

Inside the box was a small box of ‘Smarties’ (suger-coated chocolate sweeties), which my children enjoyed.

Very appropriate that he sent “Smarties” along since that is what this body of work reminds me of.  Multi-coloured, sugar coated, popular imagery.

compiled portrait-highres

This is a little bit of what Alex had to say about his work:

Inspired by street-art graffiti and classical pop art, each hand-cut stencil is spray painted onto a painted wooden block of 7.5x11cm. The vast collection of artworks speaks to the widest of audiences in that every form of local popular culture is represented. The exhibition reflects on many aspects of cultural behavior, including compulsive collecting and the obsession with research and discovery, and offers the insight that in our diverse society we are often more similar in our fascination with celebrity and fame than is generally perceived.

I can relate to “compulsive collecting and the obsession with research and discovery”, but personally the work makes me feel like ………………..still deciding until I see the exhibition.

Since this body of work is called ‘Amper almal’/almost everyone’ I wonder who he still wants to depict.

I wonder if he did an Oscar Pistorius lately.  One of S.A’s fallen ‘hero/celebrities”.  You can read a very interesting article about the whole debacle here.

So much for heroes/celebrities……like one of my friends said lately:  I will rather admire artists/musicians than sport-stars because with the first mentioned, one will always know where you stand.  (If they are drunk and debauchered it’s not a secret, and they don’t pretend to live these spotless lives.”

Remember you can see more of Alex’s work here.

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