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On Wednesday evening I worked my last shift as a waitress at Jemima’s restaurant.

I am relieved.  While it is a good restaurant I hope to never return as a waitress, but next time as a guest.

So on Wednesday evening I was polishing wine glasses and Rocco de Villiers (a pianist, author, producer and coctail connoisseur) and his personal assistant was sitting at the bar tasting our range of Vodka’s.  He told me a couple of interesting things, one is that apparently the best Vodka comes from Poland and not Russia.  Apparrently there is a Vodka they make from some other herb/plant which the bison eats and so the Vodka is named after that Bison.  I cant remember if he told me the name….anyway…..

He asked me if I knew who Vivienne Westwood is.  I told him that I think she is a fashion designer, but apart from that I don’t know much.  He said that to him I look like her.  So I googled her:

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Wow, interesting Lady.  I take it as a compliment.  Love the way she uses red eyeliner to enhance her eyes.

I also found this interesting article about her.

I like her thoughts on feminism in this article:

“I know women have suffered and I think it’s great that people stand up for women’s rights but the problem with feminists is that they somehow consider women to be superior beings. And in the end, they just want to be men anyway. They want to do men’s work.” I try to ask her what she means by “men’s work” but she steamrollers on. “[Feminists] certainly underestimate the power women [have had] in influencing their children, or men.”

and :

“Last year, Westwood launched her 22-page manifesto to rescue mankind from mediocrity, called Active Resistance. It has a cast of 20 characters who pop up throughout it, including Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio. It is, you gather, quite bonkers, but marvellously so, didactic, snobbish and thoroughly subjective.”

I am looking forward to more reading…….


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