Interruption, Disruption, Eruption

Art portfolio- my work

April was a month filled with disruption regarding studio time for the following reasons:

  • *School holidays
  • *Art festival
  • *Packing and moving to a new town.

These interruptions were good.

I took some time out with the kids during their holiday.

We’ve met and got to know some interesting people and acquired some art by other artists during the festival.

And we are delighted with our new space we call home in lovely small coastal town. We live 100 meters from the lagoon, 1 km away from the ocean.  It’s quite different from the Karoo.  Our neighbours brought some soup over on our first night, which was a lovely gesture.  The town has a lovely post office and an average library.  We bought fresh fish directly from the fishermen at the tiny habour and I had fun with my son in the waves crashing against the harbour wall.  He said it looks like lava from a volcano…..

Talking about volacano’s- (that’s our 5year old (E) latest obsession):

My sons version of a volcano

My sons version of a volcano

We talk a lot about volcano’s at home lately, and I got to learn a lot and be inspired.  E wanted to know how volcano’s occur, and so we talked about the earth and what it looks like under the ground.  I also told him about Pele ( Hina-Ai-Malama “she who ate the moon” )–I love that part) and after he saw this picture:

page from book found at the library on volcanoes

page from book found at the library on volcanoes

He told me that Pele:

  1. “Cannot have babies, because she makes lava and that that is very dangerous to babies”,
  2. “Pele is extinct like dinosaurs because she doesn’t live in ‘our’ world”

He also wanted to know how she used to make the lava and why does she look like that (referring to the picture above). And he wants to know if she has a dragon that helps her make the fire.

The part that I feel difficult to digest is where they say in the above mentioned book that very long ago people where offered to the gods by throwing them into the craters of volcanoes!

Mid April my husband and I were watching a documentary on NatGeoWild about Krakatoa, and I was fascinated.

Her eruption caused quite a stir.

Personally my culinary eruptions in the kitchen are less due to a slow cooker (which is lovely during the winter for preparing soups etc). My emotional eruptions, less because of a welcome positive change and my imaginative eruptions are more, due to a visit from aunty inspiration.  So for the past month I found myself working on this new work called:

Sometimes she feels like Krakatoa

embroidery on rubber 678mm x 990mm

embroidery on rubber
678mm x 990mm

So guess what I am listening to quite a lot these days:

The album: “Boys for Pele” by Tori Amos

And so here is some words to my favourite song on that album.

“….and Moses I know

I know you’ve seen fire

But you’ve never seen fire

Until you’ve seen Pele blown

And I’ve never seen light but I sure have seen gold

And Gladys save a place for me

On your grapevine

Till I get my own TV show

Ashre ashre ashre ashre

And if I lose my Cracker Jacks at the

Tidal wave I got a place

In the Pope’s rubber robe

Muhammad my friend

Its time to tell the world

We both know it was a girl

Back in Bethlehem”

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