Tom Waits for No Man

Art portfolio- my work

The second leg of this exhibition opened recently in Johannesburg. I love the photos Derriere posted in this blog of the show.


The Tom Waits for No Man group exhibition, curated by Gordon Froud, opened at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery.

The scale of the show is immense, with close on a hundred artists participating. Each work is based on the circular format of an LP record. On first impression the exhibition is impressive, but upon closer inspection it quickly becomes apparent that there are only a handful of gems, hidden in amongst some actually rather awful work. Dotted between the multitudes of conceptually poor pieces that resemble matric art student work, are a few works that interestingly and expertly reinterpret or respond to some portion of Waits’ musical influence. These stray beyond the obvious portrait of the singer-songwriter, and delve into the imagery, figures and mood that imbue all of Waits’ music.

The curatorial intention for this exhibition however was to be inclusive rather than exclusive, hence the open call…

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