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This past 2 weeks have been filled with piles of admin to be done.

I know it must be done but find it very frustrating since I would rather do something else.  I am happy to announce that my ‘website’ is close to finish and I might launch it early next month! It felt very tedious to upload everything, but the postive side to this is that i had some time to reflect on where I was and where I am going with my work.

As soon as it’s ready I will also be able to send out proper proposals to galleries.

I also updated my  mailing list (I should have done this years ago- but alas) Please let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for future exhibitions/invitations.

I did some bookkeeping. Filing…and sorting. The latter I like!

I thought I’ll share some pictures of what my ‘new’ studio looks like- keep in mind that it also serve as a ‘guest bedroom’.

Studio view 1

Studio view 1

Studio view 2

Studio view 2

it doesnt normally look this primm and proper, but we are expecting a guest tonight!

studio view 3

studio view 3

studio view 4

studio view 4




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