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Author Lauren Beukes and curator Jacki Lang are putting together a charity art exhibition for the Open Book Festival in September, and I have been invited to participate!

 Who is Lauren Beukes?

 Lauren Beukes is an award-winning, best-selling South African author. Her novels include The Shining Girls, Zoo City and Moxyland, but she’s also written comics, kids animated TV shows and journalism. Lauren has a history of doing charity art projects loosely themed around her novels and has previously raised money for ex-offender rehabilitation organization Khulisa and The Suitcase Project for refugee kids around Zoo Cityand for the women’s group the Montagu Sew & Sews around Moxyland.  She promotes South African talent internationally whenever she can, often through interesting collaborations, including the Zoo City and Moxyland soundtracks from African Dope.

 And Jacki Lang?

  Jacki Lang is an independent South African design curator. She recently moved back From London after working as a curator, gallery manager, design writer and consultant forEight years. Her previous group art shows for charity in London include Napkin, which raisedMoney for The Peninsula School Feeding Association & Concern Worldwide.

 The Cause?

Rape Crisis is an incredible organization with a long history and a daunting mission.  They need all the support, funding and awareness we can help them with in order to improve their impact in our urban communities to combat violence against women and support rape survivors.  If the femicide, rape and child abuse rates in this country make you angry, you can make a difference.

 They sent me a couple of pages ripped from Lauren Beukes’s new book: The shining girls, and I was free to interpret these pages or only one page as I wish.  I have decided to use page 136.

Unfortunately I haven’t read “The Shining Girls” as we speak, but it’s definitely on my reading list.  I have read Lauren’s book: Maverick: Extraordinary Women from South Africa’s Past. This was beautifully written and very insightful.

 Here is a small section of the work I did for this exhibition.

A section of the piece I did for The Shining Girls for Rape Crisis Art Exhibition.

A section of the piece I did for The Shining Girls for Rape Crisis Art Exhibition.

 And since Lauren stated on her website that they are only showing snippets of the work on view, I decided that I will  post the full picture on the 6th when the exhibition opens.

 To see snippets of the other work and some names of the other artists participating in this event visit Lauren Beukes’s blog at here.

 Or just pop in for a visit to view it all on the 6th of September:

  • Opening night: Friday 6 September 2013
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Venue: Cape Town School of Photography, 4th Floor, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town (above Vida, opposite The Book Lounge) 
  • Exhibition runs until 13 September, open 9am-5pm daily. 
(p.s: the info about Rape Crisis and Laurens as well as Jacki’s bios are not written by me. Info via the invitation to participate)

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