Tenets of Fecology by Hundertwasser

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I finished reading the book about Hundertwasser a while ago, but cannot stop thinking about this “shit”!. To my mind Hundertwasser was probably the first eco-conscious artists (if you want to call it that?) I also wanted to quote this from his book, but found it on Nara’s Blog and decided to reblog it for your reading pleasure……… “Why are we ashamed? What are we afraid of? What actually happens to our shit afterwards is something we ignore, like death.”

Nara's blog

I am the founder of Fecology, but I couldn’t have written this better!

I read this elaborate text on shit and humus (compost) toilets by Hundertwasser before, but I really read it only now. This should be included in every textbook in every school in every country in the world. Please, read every sentence slowly and let it sink in, let it echo, let it produce a reflection and awaken the deep love of shit in you:

“Vegetation has taken millions of years to cover the sludge, the toxic substances with a layer of humus, a layer of vegetation and a layer of oxygen, so that man can live on earth, but ungrateful man then fetches the sludge and the toxins, covered with painstaking cosmic care, back up to the earth’s surface.

Thus the atrocious act of irresponsible man makes the end of the world the same as the beginning of…

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