the muse in space

Art portfolio- my work
collage from old journal 2006(?)

collage from old journal 2006(?)


spaceman (collage from old journal/sketchbook)

spaceman (collage from old journal/sketchbook)

I wait in anticipation for the KKNK to begin, this waiting is driving me crazy! So I started to browse through my previous sketchbooks, journals etc. in search for the muse.  I am currently thinking about what should follow ‘rubber ever after’….

everywhere i look space turns up….

Georges Perec

Georges Perec

I found some info on the web about Georges Perec and wish i can get my hands on his book: Species of spaces.

In the meanwhile I started on a piece: “shooting stars”:

work in progress

work in progress

apart from content I should think about scale (I want to try my hand on a HUGE piece).  I also want to work on my embroidery skills and learn more about that-  and thats why I ordered the book “The subversive stitch”….sooo looking forward to receive it and start reading.

So dear friends….10 days to go to my show ‘Rubber ever after”…..until then: “may the force be with you”!



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