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On Sunday evening we returned home after the 20th ABSAKKNK (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival).  I have been feeling a bit like Cinderella due to all the homework and laundry I’m faced with- but I am NOT complaining, since I had a fantastic time!

While still feeling overwhelmed with the amazing positive response to my show, which I am very grateful for, I decided to start posting in the weeks to follow slowly bit by bit thoughts, feelings and images here regarding my solo exhibition: Rubber Ever After and the whole festival experience.  So much happened in that week from the 29th of March to the 5th of April that it will be best to do small blog entries to make sense of it all….watch this space!

The above video came about when Marinda du Toit aka Johanna Brandt invited me to participate with her in a performance since we were the only two females on the main festival program.  For her exhibition:  Johanna Brandt die Klein Karoo.   Marinda du Toit decided to burn something every day for the duration of the festival.  So needles to say:  she decided she wanted to burn some rubber….and voila – my first two person performance!

Apart from having a lot of fun, I gained a lot of experience by being part of a performance while being in front of a camera.  Watching and learning how another artist approach something like this!

See more of Marinda’s work here:

and her some of her previous video work here:



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