June update

Art portfolio- my work

According to the encyclopaedia the month of June is neither here nor there:

“Two figures come next, disputing the sixth place in the pageant. One is the goddess Juno, and the other is a man Junius. Some people think the month belongs to Juno, and others to the great Roman family of Junius. We will let the two figures fight it out. Neither of them interests us very much. Juno was the beautiful but jealous wife of Jupiter, who drove about in a chariot drawn by strutting peacocks, and Junius was a proud and haughty man, without modesty, humility, or sweetness. These two contend for the brightest and grandest place in the calendar, the month of roses and garden glory”

They must refer to the Northern hemisphere, because our garden is in a terrible state! Its freezing, and the weather bureau predicts snow on the mountains.

This month is also a neither here nor there month for me. In between projects and exhibitions. A variety of work in progress. A lot of things in the pipeline.  Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile I’ve started to experiment with oil paint combined with embroidery on rubber:

"Alien: pneumonia diploccus" (detail) Oil paint, embroidery on rubber in progress

“Alien: pneumonia diploccus” (detail) Oil paint, embroidery on rubber in progress

The above image was inspired by a tummy bug I suffered from earlier this week. (Not that the one in the picture above is a stomach bug, but it is a bacteria!) So I decided to make an Alien= foreign body.

I will see where this experimentation leads to, but for now I have to FOCUS and keep warm!

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