“Parergons of the divine Virgule”

Art portfolio- my work

The following works are now on show as part of a group show called: “Parergons fo the divine Virgule” at the ArtEC gallery in Port Elizabeth:

"Astonishment" Collage from journal/sketchbook

“Astonishment” Collage from journal/sketchbook


"Danger lurking" Collage from journal/sketchbook

“Danger lurking” Collage from journal/sketchbook

The press release by the gallery:

An Exhibition incompletely framed by the notion of Process, Everything but the ‘Final’, crystallized “masterpiece” that the artist generally offers for convenient consumption.
The Exhibition, thus, reflects the artist’s varied attempts at giving form to thinking, at finding a reasonable visual supplement to their insubstantial thoughts.
The Exhibition does not care to claim that these relics/fragments and exiles are to be defined as art but instead suggests a more propositional stance; it asks the viewer to realise their role in the artistic equation as these objects and articles reflect the mutability of even that sacralised final artwork as it comes into contact with the critical viewer.
The exhibition in totality, like the work that constitutes it reflects a search to alleviate ignorance, it stresses a need for awareness in both viewer and artist, through its definitive incompleteness it allows for unexpected potentials, like the dog eared page in a journal allows ‘other’ ideas to impose themselves unexpectedly on the present.
The works like the Exhibit forces common intimacies and materials into crisis through both accident and intent.
You are invited to gaze through the artist’s own intimate engagement and contribute to the work, to add to its texts and textures, its shallows and its depth and to realize the inherent potentials of some of the work on display while, like artists, choosing to abandon some as anomalies/oddities/unfinished ideas, in a nutshell; to approach the work as life, as a perpetually renewed question.

You can visit their page here

Or visit them at Bird street, Central, Port Elizabeth




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