for the love of words….

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Happiness is when you get a studio visit from a poet and to have conversations about words, books, images and art!


The wonderful poet Rene Bohnen visited my studio a week ago….and we had wonderful conversations about all of the above!

Visit her site here:

or read her translated poems inspired by Goya here:

Talking about words…..

I love paging  through books written in the 1960 about womanhood:


but this weekend I am going treat myself and start reading this book by Nick Cave…


but before I do, I am going to read the lecture by Nick Cave about writing a love song which a dear friend just forwarded to me:

What are you reading at the moment?





3 thoughts on “for the love of words….

  1. I’m just about to start reading Reveries of the Solitary Walker by Jean Jacques Rousseau. And just before this I put read Tom Eaton’s The De Villiers Code. It was hilarious in a rueful kind of way.

    1. Thanks Petru for introducing me to these two titles. Since I’m not familiar but very curious about the books you mention, will go look it up…wondering if the De Villiers Code is inspired by the Da Vinci code?

  2. Yes, the De Villiers Code (published by Penguin) is definitely ‘inspired’ by the Da Vinci Code. Tom Eaton, a South African writer, mentioned it a few times in his book. It is a send-up of the Da Vinci Code.

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