Things that makes this mother’s heart go boom boom boom

Art portfolio- my work

*  when her son (E) waits at the gate and blows her 3 kisses every morning without fail when she takes him to school.

*  When her son (E) tells her that he loves her because she has a good heart.

*  When her son (S) decides on his own that he wants to pick some wild flowers on their nature walk and give it to her.

*   When this mother can cheer the boys up by showing them this video:

and then afterwards she hears (E) humming the tune from this.

*When my little one sees someone doing needle work and then he ask me if she is working on an artwork.

*  When (E) tells me that he wants to start a company that sells trees.  (Note to self, maybe take him to a ‘greenpop’ event sometime)


(E) My firstborn son named Etienne.  Born in 2008

(S) Stephan. Born in 2010


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