I dare you to PLAY at Nirox scuplture park

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I am happy to inform you that my work will be exhibited in the company of a lot of amazing artists at this group show:

12 October public opening flyer-01 2

So if you ever wanted to punch me in the face: now is your chance

"I dare you" embroidery on rubber 2014 (detail)

“I dare you” embroidery on rubber 2014 (detail)

So if you decide to attend this exhibition, “I dare you” to punch me and e-mail me the photos: hannalie.t@gmail.com.

While working on this piece I was wondering if “Boxing” can be seen as a game or is it purely a sport?

"I dare you" Embroidered punching bag. 2014

“I dare you” Embroidered punching bag. 2014

My son aged four, likes to punch almost everything these days, and I do hope its only just a stage he’s going through.  I said to him that he should warn his brother that he’s going to punch him beforehand otherwise he might not think it’s a game and will get cross.

While this work was hanging in my studio, the little one came in and started punching it….He said to me: “…but Mom, this is not an artwork, it’s a punching bag”.

my four year old son interacting with my work

my four year old son interacting with my work

This exhibition will also be an experiment for me to see how my work cope outside in the wind, rain and sunshine for such a long period of time (exhibition runs until 30 December!).  I wonder if the thread will lose it’s colour etc.

I will unfortunately not be able to attend this event, since it’s so far from where we live, but I do hope that some of you can go.

For more information and updates you are welcome to visit this site:  http://cargocollective.com/playanexhibition





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