Father, I killed my monkey

Art portfolio- my work
"Father, I killed my monkey" 2015 cotton thread, rubber, oil paint and found object

“Father, I killed my monkey” 2015 cotton thread, rubber, oil paint and found object

Sometimes a work is inspired by a title, sometimes a title is inspired by the work.

In this case the work was inspired by the title, and the title was inspired by lyrics from the song called “Bliss” by Tori Amos:

I always wondered what she means by the words: “Father, I killed my monkey”?

To me the monkey represents curiosity and playfulness, so maybe that’s what I’m killing when I am too serious sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Father, I killed my monkey

  1. I wish WordPress would not always place youtube first as the main image…that’s why I never use youtube in any post. Your art deserves to appear first! Great song though.

    1. I did not realize that this is happening! Thanks for letting me know Methodtwomadness! Strange that when I preview a post after writing it, it appears in the correct order. Wonder what one can do to not let this happen?

    1. Thank you Other Memadtwo! This is getting curiouser and curiouser 😉
      What I did try and do after the first message from Methodtwomadness is I pressed a button that says “set featured image”…hopefully that did the trick?

      1. I know it’s so annoying. But it doesn’t seem to work no matter what you do. They must have some agreement with Youtube, and I’m sure they get paid to do it. It’s only on the wordpress feed anyway, so if someone goes to your blog to read it they will see the correct presentation. But lots of people only encounter your stuff in the feed…sadly. Anyway the work is beautiful!

      2. Thank you for the info/feedback. Very interesting indeed. I’ll make a mental note for when I have to decide if I’ll use a youtube video or not. Wonder if the same happens with videos from vimeo or other sources. Will have to experiment. xxx

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