KykNet Fiëstas 2015…

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Wednesday just before midnight we (my husband and I) arrived at the President Protea Hotel which was to become our ‘home’ for 2 nights.

Upon arrival we found these lovely chocolates in our room:


Thursday morning all the nominees had a chance to practise their speech…just in case; and each one received a beautiful etching done by Diane Victor:


Diane Victor etching

Diane Victor etching

Afterwards we were treated to a lovely breakfast:

Benoemdes ontbytWe had the afternoon free…so we decided to explore Seapoint and I found some cool vintage clothing and goggles.

Eventually it was time to get ready for the evening:

croppedI made a rubber bow-tie for my husband…that is how far he will go when it comes to dressing up 😉 and I decided to wear the “Marie-Antoinette” wig with face paint and my rubber dress.  Apparently Marie-Antoinette is famous for the line: “Let them eat cake”…..but in this case: “Let them eat rubber”!

As it turns out I wasn’t the only one that likes dressing up!:


These lovely people greeted the guests arriving on the blue carpet at the Artscape Theatre.  Inside we were greeted by a lady with a table as a dress, serving us some sparkling wine!

saam champagne tafel meisie


And the winners are…………………….


Congratulations to artist Gerhard Marx for winning in the “Best visual art” category.

Then there was the after-party!



Thank you KykNet  and White-Rabbit-Productions for a wonderful evening!

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