since it’s Fathersday…

Art portfolio- my work

I thought I’ll introduce you to my dad,

Here is a photo of him on the day they Christened me:


He look so young and scared doesn’t he?

He was born 10 January 1954 which makes him a Capricorn

His favourite song/band : “I want to break free” by Queen…this was back in the day, but now it is:  ” I am I said” by Neil Diamond (or at least the last time we spoke about it)

His favourite colour: Red

He is good at silent treatment when something upsets him.

He had an accident when I was something like 3 weeks old…he fell from a mine-shaft onto his head.  The angels where watching over him that day, because luckily he survived with not much damage….


We went through some rough patches in the past, but our relationship is sort of stable…and on a day like this there will be thoughts and emotions about him, but I will do my best to try and focus on the ones that makes me smile.







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