there is always two sides to a story

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Not so long ago I treated myself and bought Yayoi Kusama’s autobiography: Infinity Net. Hoping to get a better understanding of the New York art scene. I must admit I’m not much wiser after reading it.  A bit inspired to have more confidence about my work.

Years ago I read a biography about Joseph Cornell and have a very soft spot for this artist.  After I read Yayoi’s version of their relationship I was a bit confused.

There are things that bother me…

for example in her book she says that “Joseph wore the shabbiest of clothes.  He always looked like a tramp…” and in the other book it says: “Yayoi leans tenderly against Cornell, who is neatly dressed in a shirt, tie, and cardigan.”

Also…In the biography of Cornell it says:  ” By the end of the month, he was requesting that Kusama not bother him further.”  and she says: ” I was now a major player in New York, and simply too busy to spend time with him. And, though it may have been cruel of me, I went ahead and said as much”…

mmm…I cannot explain it properly, but I’ll try and show it in pictures:


This one is a photograph of Yayoi with Joseph Cornell in her book….

and then there is this one:


in the biography of Joseph Cornell (Utopia Parkway the life and work…) by Deborah Solomon.

As they say…there is always two sides to a story!

3 thoughts on “there is always two sides to a story

  1. nooit geweet hulle het ‘n verhouding gehad nie. ja, inderdaad, soos hulle sê: there are three sides to any story, his, hers and the truth. het ook ‘n soft spot vir Cornell…en ek dink jou werk is way beyond die NY art scene, wat vir my ook duister is. Lekker werk!

    1. Thanks for the comment MeMadTwo en Willemien…ek hou baie baie baie van die gesegde wat ek vandag by jou geleer het: “There are three sides to any story, his, hers and the truth”!! Absolutely xxx

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